Sunday, 6 January 2013

Klickston arrives Zimbabwe

Yet still at the first week of the first month of the new year'2013.
Cash Deal Band Record label boss ''Klickston visits Zimbabwe.
''Who am I to deserve such welcome''
This was Klickston first words on dropping off the S.A plane that landed at HRE Harare International airport.Zimbabwe' seeing his fellow Zimbabwe stars [singers and movie actors] waiting patiently at the HRE airport to receive him.
Details behind the humble star visit to Zimbabwe are kept unrevealed but except of three to be mentioned.
1. A mini press meeting.
2. Collaborating deal with the country singers.
3. A live interview with miss Zimbabwe 2012 [Bongani Dlakama].

Klickston who's expected to be leaving Zimbabwe 2day7/1/2013 briefed the Nation's media 'Sunday Mail Harare' over the week end.
In quote: With such kind gesture 'I will not forget in a hurry the love and hospitality my colleagues have shown on me.
This is Africa'''
A blessed continent'''
Lets make more benefiting histories cos a hero today is a legend tomorrow. 

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