Saturday, 23 February 2013


Nb'SA move singer "Klickston has finally and fully recovered from his coma state at the unnamed hospital in Swaziland as a result of his assassinating attack on the eve before his birthday/valentine [feb14th 013].

Klickston first music award bearing Nb'SA [Nigerian born South Africa] has his license name in South Africa has earned the handsome star more respect, luxuries and fame.
Klickston who is popularly called in South Africa [his home based nation] as Mr. Moves [from an Hollywood/Nolly wood award action movie called "BRUTALITY" where he played the lead role as Steve "the leader of the deadly confraternity gang group called "the Moves]. He has preserved the name "Mr. moves" when it comes to stage performing and dance steps of his music.

He got the swag' the voice' the approach' the lyrics and most especially the dannce moves and has been able to pull the entertainment string in South Africa to himself' and that's Klickston for you. said [sakpm- South Africa publicist manager] Lebo Adams.
Klickston is back to music but this time "on a move" to the continent's and the entire intercontinental. said- [sakpm].

Lebo Adams a South African who holds a master degree in mass communication from the university of Capetown, South Africa. She is a permanent staff of the [CDB] Cash deal beat/band record label. And was recently appointed with a 2years contract as the [sakpm] South African 'Klickston publicist manager. She took office on the 2-July 012. [sakpm].

Lebo who had earlier refused to speak with journalists on the star attack that occur on the 13-02-013' the eve before Klickston's birthday/valentine. She finally broke out the news!!!
CDB record label boss " Klickston got attacked on the 13-02-013 at 5:30pm in one of newly bought movez house in Montana' South Africa. Where he had just returned from a vist at the offanage home in Durban' South Africa with his personal assistant -[Thabang John] back to his home in Motana for a quick rest before leaving for Italy later that day in regards to his birthday the next day. [feb 14th-013]
With the help the CCTV recording camera positioned at every strategy angles of the house. It shows three masked armed men boldly entering the premises with a master key. It happened so fast that Klickston's two men securities could not see when they assassins had entered the premises.
Immediately the two men security were shot on their left legs and disarmed. It was so sad that Klickston was fast asleep with the assurance that his house is guarded.
Thabang John [PA] who was at the lounge busy with confidential documents heard and saw from the CCTV monitor how the securities were shot, she quickly ran up to wake up Klickston but could not make it because of fear, at a point where she heard the assassin making their way to the lounge. She quickly ran into the toilet and locked up herself.- said Lebo [sakpm].

CCTV camara in Klickston master room on record recorded the following thereafter.-5:24.
Two assassins went up and entered Klickston's room and found him fast asleep, they woke him up and stapped him with a knife on the left arm as they immediately put a rope on his neck and strangled him till he bleed-ed and fainted, leaving the assassins with a thought that he was dead!!! 
They quickly left the house without taken anything when they alarm blew so loud.

The South Africa' Montana police station are currently carrying out investigations on the crime.
-Said Lebo Adams.

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