Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Klickston arrives Cape Town of South Africa

Public Awareness!

Posted on 6 December 2012 @ 6:18
Published by publicist2Klickston-Miss Lebo. 

Just has it was meant to be.
The Nigeria born South Africa' Klickston on the 7 December 2012 began his first National Official Tour [NOT] at his country based province-Cape Town province in South Africa.

In Cape Town:
1. Klickston is expected to be on a live interview with representatives from SABC- South Africa Broadcasting Channels.
2. Klickston is expected to be on an official press meeting where he will speak more on his biography, jouney with entertainment industry and his upcoming albulm release party. [Album title_Undisputed'.
3. Klickston is all so expected to along side with other South Africa celebrities give out their autograph to their fans and lovers of their music.
Wishing Klickston the best in his pursue to greatness..............

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  1. The Nigeria Born South Africa "Klickston arrives `Aqir, Hamerkaz, ISRAEL were he is expected to be in attendance for the black Thursday dinner party to be held in Benie Dror Hamerkaz Israel.
    More details behinds his arrival at Israel would be published live on his official web blog post page.
    Its all about entertainment!!!